Bite Sized Classic:

Mini TBLTs (Turkey Bacon Lettuce Tomato)

1 Small Loaf Wheat Bread
12 oz. package Godshall’s Turkey Bacon
1/2 lb. Gouda Cheese (Thick Sliced)
1 Head Fresh Romaine Lettuce
1 Pint Cherry Tomatoes
1 Pkg Long Toothpicks

Fry Turkey Bacon on Skillet until golden on both sides or desired crispness. Once cooled, cut turkey bacon into square sized pieces. Toast slices of bread until lightly done. Remove crust and cut each piece of toast into four square sized pieces. Cut Gouda cheese into small bite sized pieces. Cut lettuce leaf into square sized pieces. Chop cherry tomatoes in half, vertically.

With toothpick, place toast square, one square of turkey bacon, 1-2 pieces of lettuce, half cherry tomato, gouda cheese, another square of turkey bacon and bottom piece of toast! Simple as that, and you have bite-sized TBLTs.